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Focus on Fabric: Viscose Cotton Sateen

Focus on Fabric: Viscose Cotton Sateen - Magnolia Lounge

You may have seen that quite a few of our pyjamas and sleepwear are made from a fabric called Viscose Cotton Sateen but you may be wondering, what does that mean exactly?

For over the past 10 years, viscose cotton blend pyjamas have become Magnolia Lounge’s exclusive signature products.  

Winter Outback Viscose Cotton Pyjama Set

As the name suggests, the fabric is a blend of viscose, cotton and sateen fabric. But why use a blend of these three fabrics? Because you get the best qualities of all three of these fabrics to create sleepwear that’s soft, breathable, wrinkle-resistant and helps maintain comfortable body temperature. 

Furthermore, by adding viscose to cotton, it makes it even softer and warmer for winter which makes it the perfect fabric for winter sleepwear to keep you feeling cosy.


Sateen is very similar to satin and silk but without the fragility and is more tightly woven which makes it heavier in weight than satin or silk and therefore an ideal fabric for all-year-round comfort.  Sateen is made by a weaving technique that exposes more thread surface which gives sateen its silky, soft feel and luxurious sheen.

Naturally wrinkle-resistant, with a more casual look than satin, sateen is soft, lightweight, durable and breathable and is the perfect fabric for all seasons and all sleepers. It helps keep you warm in winter while helps cool you comfortable by wicking away sweat.

Winter Floral Viscose Cotton Pyjama Set


Cotton is a natural fabric made from, you guessed it, cotton. Cotton is used more than any other natural fibre to make fabric because of its many benefits including comfort, breathability, durability and hypoallergenic properties.

Cotton is considered hypoallergenic because it does not irritate the skin of the wearer even when they are hot and perspiring. Cotton helps reduce and eliminates the possibility of rashes, including heat rashes because it is a breathable fabric which allows the skin to breathe. Cotton is breathable in the summer months and helps keep you warm in the winter months.

Romance Floral Nightie


Viscose is a very misunderstood fabric, but it’s one of our favourites. It’s made from natural plants such as wood pulp or bamboo and was first manufactured as an alternative to silk!

Viscose feels soft and silky against the skin, breathable, has a lovely drape (which means it is flattering on the body) with a lustrous finish.

On its own, viscose can be quite delicate which is why we combine it with cotton, to help it become more durable.


You can find our wide range of sleepwear made from our exclusive Viscose Cotton Sateen Fabric here.