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Do you love fashion? Are you looking to extend your social network?

Be part of Melbourne’s newest and most exiting clubs, Magnolia Club!

Magnolia Club is purely a fashion social club for those who are interested in meeting with fashion lovers, artists, designers, freelancers, consultants, fashion entrepreneurs and professionals.

We want our club to be a great place for fashion lovers to share their passion, learn from industry experts and hear more stories behind this industry.

For any members who are not in Melbourne, we would like to keep you in touch on line. You can still enjoy our benefits as a Magnolia Club membership.

We hope Magnolia Club can become a potential gold mine for everyone.

Let’s catch up and find out how Magnolia Fashion Social Club can be of benefit to everyone.

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  • Free delivery within Australia and New Zealand (for a limited time)
  • If you reside outside of Australia and New Zealand, we charge a flat fee of only AUD $15 (for a limited time)
  • Receive an AUD $20 birthday reward
  • 30% off your order when you spend AUD $500 or more in one transaction, plus free standard delivery internationally (cannot be combined with any other offer)

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