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The Magnolia Lounge Soft Sleepwear Difference

The Magnolia Lounge Soft Sleepwear Difference - Magnolia Lounge

The average person spends a third of their life wearing pyjamas so it makes sense to ensure that you are spending that time wearing high quality and comfortable sleepwear.

When it comes to sleepwear, the most expensive sleepwear doesn’t mean that it’s the highest quality but you also don’t want to wear the cheapest which are quite often made from synthetic fabrics which feel scratchy against the skin and don’t breathe.

Here at Magnolia Lounge, we create luxurious sleepwear at affordable prices using high-quality fabrics which feel lush against the skin and we are known for having Australia’s softest sleepwear. When it comes to sleepwear two of the most important things to look for are the fabric and the design. 

Sleepwear Fabric

The material that your sleepwear is made from should be breathable and feel soft against the skin. Here are some of our favourite fabrics when it comes to sleepwear.

Viscose Cambric
Soft Viscose Cambric Sleepwear

Carli Floral Pyjama Set with 7/8 pant

Viscose Cambric is a more affordable alternative to silk. Viscose Cambric fabric is lightweight, breathable and doesn’t trap heat which makes it perfect for the hotter months. It is soft and comfortable and feels silky and cool against the skin.

View our Viscose Cambric range of sleepwear.

100% Cotton

Emma Rose Pyjama Set with 7/8 Pant

Emma Rose Pyjama Set with 7/8 Pant

Cotton is a natural fabric which is breathable and allows you to feel comfortable even in the warmer months. It also keeps you warm in the cooler months by providing thermal insulation. Cotton is also hypoallergenic so is good for those with skin allergies or sensitive skin.

View our 100% cotton range of sleepwear.

Viscose Cotton Sateen

This is our specially-made woven sateen fabric, which perfectly combines all the goodness of cotton and viscose. It is woven the same way as traditional satin which creates a smooth and dense fabric which means it has a silkier feel than standard cotton. Viscose Cotton Sateen is perfect for the cooler months as it is durable, breathable and absorbent yet incredibly warm and soft to the touch.

View our range of Viscose Cotton Sateen sleepwear.

Viscose Elastane

Jasmine Viscose Elastane Pyjama Set

The blend of viscose and elastane is the perfect balance between being washable and easy to take care of. It has a soft, silky smooth finish which feels lovely against your skin while the stretch element creates the perfect fit along with the comfort of wearing a stretch fabric.

View our range of Viscose Elastane sleepwear.


Ava Houndstooth Flannelette Cotton Pyjama Set

Flannelette is a cotton fabric that on one side has a brushed finish, which gives it a soft and snuggly feel. It is cosy and warm yet light and breathable which means it’s the perfect fabric for the colder times of the year.

See our range of 100% Cotton Flannelette sleepwear.


Apart from the look of your sleepwear, you may not have put any further thought towards the design of your sleepwear. Here at Magnolia Lounge, we are all about the little details.

Here are some of our unique design elements which help ensure a comfortable fit when it comes to your sleepwear.

Shirred Waist

Do you hate the feeling of a waistband biting into your skin? Then you will love our shirred elastic waistband. Instead of a thick band of elastic, our shirred waistband uses multiple rows of a fine elastic to create the waistband. The result is a soft and stretchy waistband that feels comfortable against your waist.

Wide Leg

There is nothing worse than sleepwear that is too tight on your legs and feels restrictive. So look for sleepwear which has a wide leg with a relaxed fit to avoid a constrictive fit.

Adjustable straps

We come in all different shapes and sizes so adjustable straps are the perfect solution to ensure the perfect fit on camisoles and chemises.

Kimono Style Sleeves

Kimono sleeves have a deeper armhole than regular sleeves which means there is a lot more room and they are a lot more comfortable. You can find kimono style sleeves on the majority of our robes.

So why settle for mediocre sleepwear when you can have the softest and most comfortable sleepwear from Magnolia Lounge? Explore our range of sleepwear at and treat yourself to the best night's sleep you've ever had! Sweet dreams await!


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