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Our Fabrics

Our fabrics are not only gorgeous to look at and wear, they are also free of harmful substances including Azo colourants, formaldehyde, pentachlorophenol and more.

The majority of the fabrics we use for our sleepwear products are made from natural fibres which means they are better for the environment and better for you.

Bamboo Elastane Jersey 

Bamboo elastane jersey is a knit fabric made from bamboo yarn blended with elastane to give it 4 way stretch.  It has all of the benefits of bamboo and elastane which means it feels soft and silky against the skin, stretchy and comfortable plus its breathable and moisture wicking. It's the perfect fabric for sleepwear and loungewear.

Viscose Cotton Sateen

For the past 10 years, viscose cotton sateen has been our signature fabric when it comes to our sleepwear. As the name suggests, the fabric is a blend of viscose, cotton and sateen fabric. This way you get the best qualities of all three of these fabrics to create sleepwear that’s soft, breathable, wrinkle-resistant and helps maintain comfortable body temperature. 

It is woven the same way as traditional satin which creates a smooth and dense fabric which means it has a silkier feel than standard cotton. Plus, by adding viscose to cotton, it makes it even softer and warmer for winter which makes it the perfect fabric for winter sleepwear to keep you feeling cosy.

Viscose Cambric

If you are looking for summer sleepwear that is cool, lightweight & breathable then look no further than our viscose cambric fabric. It's also is a more affordable alternative to silk and doesn’t trap heat which makes it perfect for the hotter months. 

100% Cotton

Cotton is a natural fabric which is breathable and moisture-wicking which keeps you cool and comfortable even in the warmer months. It also keeps you warm in the cooler months by providing thermal insulation. Cotton is also hypoallergenic so is good for those with skin allergies or sensitive skin.

Viscose Elastane

Our blend of viscose and elastane is the perfect balance between being washable and easy to take care of. It has a soft, silky smooth finish which feels lovely and cool against your skin while the stretch element creates the perfect fit keeping you comfortable all night long.