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At Magnolia Lounge, we're passionate about delivering sleepwear that not only ensures your comfort but also reflects our commitment to the environment. We take pride in using natural fibres that not only feel heavenly against your skin but also reduce our ecological footprint.

In addition to our signature natural fibre blend fabrics like Bamboo Elastane Jersey, Viscose Cambric Cotton, and Viscose Elastane, we're thrilled to introduce our latest addition: Linen Viscose.

Bamboo Elastane Jersey is a soft and sustainable fabric that provides stretch and flexibility, allowing for comfortable movement during sleep. Viscose Cambric Cotton is a breathable fabric that offers a smooth and lightweight feel, perfect for warmer nights. Viscose Elastane is a blend that combines the softness of viscose with the stretch of elastane, offering both comfort and flexibility. Experience the crisp, cool feel of linen combined with the moisture-wicking prowess of viscose in our Linen Viscose fabric. It's the perfect choice for those warm summer nights when you want to stay cool and comfortable. Lastly, our signature Viscose Cotton Sateen is a luxurious and silky fabric that drapes beautifully and feels indulgent against the skin.

By using natural fibre blend fabrics, we ensure that our sleepwear not only feels good to wear but also minimizes our impact on the environment. You can learn more about our fabrics here.

Elevate your sleepwear experience with our premium natural fibre blend fabrics at Magnolia Lounge. Shop now and experience the comfort and sustainability of our sleepwear collection.