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7 Sizzling Summer Sleepwear Ideas

7 Sizzling Summer Sleepwear Ideas - Magnolia Lounge

If you don’t have cute women’s pyjama sets, you aren’t doing it right. Just like the clothes you wear to work or while going to meet friends, the women’s pyjamas you wear tend to tell a lot about your personality.

What will you do if someone calls you for a pyjama party, but you don’t have anything nice to wear? It’s one thing you don’t want to experience, and that’s where we can help!  Here are seven sizzling summer sleepwear ideas that will come to your rescue:

1. Two-piece set with thin socks

Every girl needs a women’s sleepwear online two-piece set to complete the wardrobe. Pair it with a cute pair of thin socks to complete the look and also keeps you warm. It is sexy yet comfortable and light, making it a perfect choice for summer nights.  You would love this high-garden pyjama set.

2. Deep colours

Instead of going to light pastel colours that easily get spoilt, go for deep bright colours like maroon and navy blue. The colours never go out of style and don’t fade easily after repetitive machine wash. An oriental tee nightie for one is a good choice.

3. Cute prints

Choose simple, yet stylish women’s cotton pyjamas Australia floral print sets that don’t look too girly. You aren’t Barbie, so you don’t need to load up on bright pink women’s pyjama gift sets. Go for sets that have a blue floral design or a combination of blue and pink flowers. You might want to try out this pyjama print.

4. Rise the heat with buttons

Buttons aren’t as boring they used to be. But now, women’s summer pyjamas with buttons are considered royal and give off a chic, sophisticated vibe. Most button-down pyjamas are simple and have minimal prints, which perfectly suits someone who likes neutral colours and minimalist designs. This Lahaina pyjama set has just the right mix!

5. His favourite team

If you want something out of your boyfriend, the best way to get it is by wearing women’s pyjama short sets of his favorite sports team. Men are crazy about sports. If you support his favorite team on game night, it is going to set the mood right.

6. Form-fitting

If you are someone who likes loose pyjamas, this one might not be for you. But if you want to try out new things, you should try form-fitting women’s sleepwear Glen Iris, Melbourne. You can wear them for a quick trip to the grocery store or evening walk with your dogs because it looks casual but has a formal feel to it. Shorts like the Aberdeen Shorts work great too.

7. Cosy nighties

Nothing can beat a cute, cosy little nightie. You’ll go crazy looking at the varieties available, and you can literally find it in every colour and print you want. They also make great women’s pyjama gift sets that you can gift your best friend, so that the two of you have matching nighties. Check out this Manhattan Spot Nightie.

Buying women’s sleepwear online is easier than ever. Which of these are your favorite women’s pyjamas? Let us know below!