Tips for choosing moisture wicking pyjamas for cold weather

Jessica P

It’s not easy to be a woman, even in our sleep time. Apparently 80% of all women will suffer from hot sleepless nights due to hot flashes or night sweats, which could be caused by:

Pregnancy, Menopause, or Other Conditions.

When you are tired literally of waking up in a damp and freezing bed after serious hot flashes or night sweats, you are in the need of the best moisture wicking pajamas for women.

Lucky for you, there are dozens of fashionable sleepwear for women on the market that will keep you cool without sacrificing styleness and comfort – but only if you buy the right one.

If you want your nightwear that’s breathable and cool, but still warm and cosy for cold night, consider these main factors: 

  • Fabric construction and weight. In general, tighter knits or weaves create less breathable fabrics, while more open knits or looser weaves will be more breathable than tight ones. Thinner materials and finer yarns also affect breathability.
  • Is absorbent fabric good enough? Moisture is the enemy of warmth and a good friend of germs. That’s why you want to choose pyjamas made of breathable fabric that not only dries your skin when you sweat, but also dries it-self quickly. 
  • Loose or Fit? Fitted nightwear helps keep body shape for women, but will constrict blood circulation, compromise breathability, cause overheating, sweating and skin irritations, especially when you suffer from hot flash and night sweats. So you should always choose loose fitting pyjamas with soft materials.

But, what are some of the best fabric for sweaty sleepers in cold weather?

1. Silk

Positive – Natural fabric, luxuriously soft, lightweight, breathable.

Negative – Fragile, too expensive.


2. Merino Wool

Positive – Natural fabric, breathes well, wicks moisture, fabric dries quickly.

Negative – Expensive too, less durable than cottons, not cool fabric.


3. Linen

Positive - Natural fabric, durable, breathable, absorbs moisture.

Negative - Not wicks away moisture, fabric is slow to dry, wrinkles easily, more expensive than cotton.


4. Polyester

Positive - Wicks moisture, quick dry fabric.

Negative - Manmade material, not as soft as cotton, breathability varies based on yarn size and knit or weave.


5. Cotton

Positive - Natural fabric, soft, durable, breathable, versatile, and absorbent.

Negative - Not wicks away moisture, takes long time to dry.



This is a misunderstood fabric. I will tell you more about this fabric in the next Blog.

Positive - Made from wood pulp, or bamboo, or other plants, has a silky touch; breathable; drapes nicely and dries quickly.

Negative - Wrinkle easily, relatively fragile when wet.


Finding the skin-friendly, but also affordable moisture wicking fabric for women’s sleepwear is not easy. You deserve to look good and feel good while you are asleep. 

Our very experienced team from Magnolia Lounge professionally takes care of your sleepwear.  We “bed test” our entire nightwear collection of women pyjamas to ensure the quality of our sleepwear is designed to last for many nights’ peaceful slumber.

Have you tried our exclusive viscose cotton blend pyjamas? Over 10 years, it has become one of our signatures products. Our viscose-cotton blend fabric perfectly combines all the goodness of cotton and viscose: it’s durable, breathable, absorbent and easy to dry!

This special woven sateen fabric is in lightweight, which is so soft and silky to touch. It keeps you warm in cold weather (when you are not sweating), and it wicks away your sweats in some tough nights.

With seasons of varieties of prints to choose from, you definitely look good when you feel cosy and relaxed in our viscose-cotton sleepwear.

Wishing you a blissful nights’ sleep!


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