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Summer Sleepwear for Hot Sleepers

Summer Sleepwear for Hot Sleepers - Magnolia Lounge

If you are a hot sleeper you know that finding the perfect sleepwear for the hot Australian summer can be difficult.

You overheat in the middle of the night, waking up drenched in sweat with damp pyjamas that then take ages to dry, even in the summer heat leaving you even more uncomfortable.

When it comes to buying summer pyjamas for hot sleepers it is important to consider both the style and shape of the sleepwear as well as the fabrics.

Look for sleepwear styles in airy, relaxed cuts that won't cling to your body as tighter styles can trap heat and causing you to sweat even more.

For fabrics, look for light-weight fabrics with a looser weave such as cotton, viscose, viscose elastane and bamboo to allow heat to escape for your body leaving you cooler even on hot summer nights.

Here are our top summer sleepwear picks for hot sleepers:

Cactus Cotton Tank & 3/4 Pant Pyjama Set

Our Cactus Cotton Tank & 3/4 Pant Pyjama Set is the perfect airy summer pyjama set with just the right amount of coverage.

This pyjama set features a tank with an a-line cut while the 3/4 pants have a comfortable shirred elastic waistband and wide leg for a relaxed fit.

Made from a breathable, lightweight 100% cotton fabric which has a loose weave that feels soft against the skin and keeps you cool and comfortable all night long during summer and warmer months.

Daydreaming Chemise

If you prefer nighties when it comes to your summer sleepwear, you will love our Daydreaming Chemise.The flowy silhouette of our chemise gives you the perfect ease of movement during the night and is as comfortable as it is stylish. 

Made from our signature viscose cambric fabric, it's ultra-light, breathable and feels super soft and silky against your skin.

Our viscose fabric is made from plants and is moisture-wicking. It wicks moisture away from the skin and quickly dries helping you stay cool and dry even if you are prone to night sweats.

Ari Tile Oriental Tee Nightie

If you prefer more coverage when it comes to nighties, you can't go past our Ari Tile Oriental Tee Nightie.

This nightie has a relaxed fit to keep you cool and breezy and features a mandarin collar, loose cuffed short sleeves and a curved hem.

Also made from our signature viscose cambric fabric, it's ultra-light, breathable, moisture-wicking and feels super soft and silky against your skin.

Yellow Summer Country Cami & 3/4 Pant Pyjama Set

You'll sleep easily even in the summer heat with the flowy silhouette of our Yellow Summer Country Cami & 3/4 Pant Pyjama Set.

This sleepwear set has a sleep cami with a relaxed a-line fit, while the 3/4 length PJ pants have a comfortable shirred elastic waistband and wide legs for a comfortable fit.

Made from 100% cotton seersucker fabric, it's breathable and lightweight and feels cool and crisp against the skin, keeping you comfortable even on the hottest summer night.


Mint Summer Country Shortie Pyjama Set


Our Mint Summer Country Shortie Pyjama Set is a light and breezy sleepwear set made for hot summer nights.

This fresh PJ set features a button-up top with a chest pocket while the shorts have an elastic waist and relaxed legs.

Also made from our 100% cotton seersucker, this natural fabric is lightweight and breathable, allowing heat to escape to help keep you cool and comfortable on hot nights. 

Dreamtime Spot Pyjama Set

If you like a full coverage pyjama set in a soft and stretchy fabric, our Dreamtime Spot Pyjama Set with classic details and a perfectly draped, flowy fit was made for you.

The pyjama set comprises a button-up top with collar, front pocket, satin piping & lace trim on the sleeves while the matching 7/8 length sleep pants have a functional satin tie and lace leg cuff detail.

Made from soft and stretchy viscose elastane which feels silky and cool against your skin with moisture-wicking properties to keep you cool during summer.


Midnight Sun Bamboo Pyjama Tank & Shorts

If you are looking for something that can be worn both as loungewear or sleepwear, our Midnight Sun Bamboo Tank and Shorts are the perfect choice.

The relaxed fit tank has an a-line fit that loosely drapes over the body without clinging while the shorts have a comfortable wide waistband, side pockets and wide-legs.

Made from soft and stretchy bamboo elastane fabric, it feels cool and silky against your skin plus it's breathable and moisture-wicking to keep you dry and comfortable while you sleep.


About Magnolia Lounge

Here at Magnolia Lounge, our sleepwear is designed for women by women by our in-house designers with over 20 years of experience. We also extensively 'bed test' our sleepwear to ensure it provides the best nights sleep possible while making you look and feel your best