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How To Stay Cool On a Hot Summer’s Night

How To Stay Cool On a Hot Summer’s Night - Magnolia Lounge

The heat of summer has arrived and it’s just getting started. Unfortunately, not everyone has air conditioning to provide relief, which means you need other ways to stay cool so you can get a peaceful sleep on a hot summer’s night. The good news is we have some hints and tips for you to keep comfortable and cool.

1. Shower Before Bed

This has a two-fold benefit. The first is that mosquitoes love stale sweat, so having a quick shower before bed is a great way to keep them away from you. There’s nothing worse than waking up to that buzz in your ear. The second is that a shower can cool your core temperature. Your body drops in temperature at bedtime, it’s what tells your body it’s time to sleep. You can do this artificially by showering – you can enjoy a warm shower to enjoy a drop in temperature when you get out or go for a cool shower. Either will work a treat.


2. The Right Sheets

The best material for sheets is cotton or another breathable material. It’s all about breathable materials that will help you stay cool. Choose lighter colours as well. This will help promote airflow throughout your bedroom. Another thing you might want to consider is placing your sheets in a freezer bag and popping them in the freezer for a few minutes before you head to bed. They won’t stay cool, but it does provide you with a bit of relief, no matter how temporary.


3.Cool Pillow

Nothing beats the cool side of the pillow. You know those lavender and buckwheat bags you toss in the microwave? Did you realise you can put them in the freezer as well? Yes, you can enjoy a cool down with “heat” pads. Remember, your feet have a lot to do with your body’s core temperature so, you can use them around your ankles and feet for a bit of relief. Or, you can keep a bucket of cold water near your bed to go for a dip if it all gets too much during the night.


4. Cross-Breeze

Do yourself a favour and create a cross-breeze. You can place a fan across from your bedroom window to create a cool breeze. Even better if you have multiple fans to create the ultimate cross-breeze. You’ll also want to avoid running any other electronics in your bedroom at night. This will only increase the heat.


5. The Right PJs

The key is breathable material, just like it is with your sheets. Magnolia Lounge uses viscose material to create lightweight summer pyjamas that are perfect for staying cool. This quality offers a balance of material that is easy to wash and offers a finish that is smooth against your skin. It’s also comfortable. The Lahaina Chemise is the perfect style to keep you nice and cool in bed each night. It features a lace trim with a fishtail hem, as well as a pleated front and adjustable satin straps.

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