Sizing and Fitting our Pyjamas and Nighties
Measure for Measure – Magnolia Lounge is all about helping women feel great in bed so it’s worth spending a little time getting acquainted with your tape measure to ensure all the sleepwear, PJ pants and pyjamas you order fit perfectly.
Using this easy-to-follow measuring guide, take your measurements in centimeters or inches – our size charts allows for both metric and imperial – and make sure that any nighties, pyjama pants, pyjama sets or sleepwear you order fit comfortably.
Body Size Chart


Fabrics and Care for your PJ Pants, Pyjamas and Nighties
Cotton Sateen and Viscose Cotton Sateen.
Made from a lovely polished finished cotton, this is a long time favourite medium weight fabric. A lovely ‘in between’ weight that we continue to use in our sleepwear for women because of its superb finish and durability. Washes and irons like a dream!

Caring for your PJ Pants, Pyjamas and Nighties
We’ve made our Sleepwear  for women with care and attention, and we know that you’ll want to care for them in that way too.
Please read and follow the wash & care instructions on each of your garments carefully.
Most Magnolia Lounge nighties, pyjamas, and sleepwear for women are machine washable, however, we’d like to advise you to use a lingerie/hosiery bag when machine washing to keep them safe and prevent snagging on other garments.
Use a warm, delicate cycle and wash with similar colours.
Do NOT bleach or tumble dry your garments. Allow any of our range of pyjamas them to dry flat in the shade where possible and if necessary, iron them on a warm setting on the reverse side.
Dry cleaning is not recommended.
For best results, we highly recommend hand washing your garments for 
longevity of the fabric.­
Mikey the Magnolia Lounge Lavender Bear
Who is Mikey the Lavender Bear?
Mikey the Lavender Bear is the super cute & cuddly “Love Child” of Magnolia Lounge – a well-known Australian sleepwear and loungewear brand – and the Yuulong Lavender Estate – the home of Yuulong lavender, a previously unidentified lavender plant that flourishes on the property in Victoria, Australia.
Mikey the Lavender Bear is about 30cm high weighing in at approx 1.0kg.  His tummy is full of natural, locally grown Australian wheat and lavender flowers exclusively harvested from the fields of Yuulong Lavender Estate.
The therapeutic benefits of Mikey’s lavender filling means that with just a short visit to your microwave – up to 2 minutes only or you’ll toast him – Mikey the Lavender Bear can be heated to sooth sore muscles & abdominal cramps whilst inducing a relaxed mood and a great night’s sleep!
Magnolia Lounge, renowned for the comforting, luxurious touch of their fabrics, have provided Mikey the Lavender Bear with the softest of fleecy hides to ensure the silkiest lavender scented cuddle you’ll ever have.

What goes in to making Mikey the Lavender Bear?
(Fabrics, stuffing & safety)
Mikey the Lavender Bear is made from specially designed and scientifically approved microwave safe materials.
His furry little hide: Outer fabrics
Mikey the Lavender Bear is made from microwave safe & flame resistant fabric; this flame resistant fabric is static-free and odourless.  Microwave safe thread is used to create extra strong seams – ensuring that provided you treat Mikey the Lavender Bear kindly, and follow instructions, all his natural stuffing will stay firmly and safely on the inside of his body – exactly where it belongs.
Mikey the Lavender Bear has been tested for his flammability and safety – adhering to professional guidelines.  However, never ignore the potential risk that the nature of a heat pack may pose and keep him away from any children under 3 years of age.
For more information in relation to babies and children’s safety, please check on the National SIDS Council of Australia Ltd Website www.sidsandkids.org.
The guts of the matter: Stuffing
Dehydrated Yuulong lavender (exclusive from Yuulong Lavender Estate, Victoria, AUSTRALIA) & wheat grain (from local farms in Victoria, AUSTRALIA)
Mikey the Lavender Bear is NOT just any old lavender scented bear artificially fragranced with synthetically manufactured “lavender fragrance” – Mikey the Lavender Bear is stuffed full of real flowers harvested from real lavender plants (the use of artificial fragrance  gives an initially strong scent but will quickly fade leaving traces of unpleasant artificial odours)
The choice is yours: 2 aroma strengths
Because we’re all different we know that some folks like things a little bit stronger in the scent department, so Mikey the Lavender Bear comes in 2 aromatic versions: one is filled with dehydrated lavender ONLY, providing the mild, pleasant scent of Yuulong lavender; whilst the other “stronger” version has a few drops of PURE essential lavender oil added to provide & prolong a slightly more robust lavender aroma.  The preference is yours!
What can Mikey do for me?
Lavender has long been known as being beneficial in the remedy of conditions ranging from insomnia and anxiety to depression & fatigue.  Research has shown that lavender produces calming, soothing and sedative effects when the scent is inhaled.
The use of heated wheat packs – Thermotherapy – has been long associated with comfort & relaxation. However, it goes further in providing pain relief & healing benefits for many types of muscle injuries & soreness by stimulating blood flow to the affected area and acting as a pain reliever.
Just think, after a short 2 minutes in the microwave Mikey the Lavender Bear can help relieve your tension physically and mentally – purifying your body & soul.
But don’t think Mikey the Lavender Bear is just a little hottie; he can be as cool as the next guy!
On hot summer days, you can chill your Mikey the Lavender Bear and use him to help you keep your cool.  Just wrap him inside a plastic bag and leave him in your freezer for 2-3 hours.
How do I use Mikey the Lavender Bear?
Some like it hot – heating and cuddling instructions
First up, carefully remove all Mikey’s tags – gently now, you don’t want to hurt the little guy!
Mikey the Lavender Bear likes to get laid gently in a microwave oven for a maximum of 2 minutes (based on an 800W oven) – remember, microwave ONLY, Mikey does NOT want to end up as the Sunday roast!
Check temperature before cuddling – even hot guys can burn you like fire!
DO NOT OVERHEAT – he’s hot enough already!
Only reheat at room temperature – give a guy a break…
Remember we said Mikey the Lavender Bear was filled with raw grains of wheat?  Well that means he has natural moisture content so don’t be surprised if he feels a little damp to touch after his first few times getting hot…
IMPORTANT: whilst Mikey the Lavender Bear is irresistible he is NOT suitable for children under 3 years of age – this is fair dinkum so resist the urge to hand him over to the ankle biters
How do I care for Mikey the Lavender Bear?
It’s not all about you – cleaning instructions
Gently clean his fur regularly with a damp sponge.
Mikey the Lavender Bear can NOT swim and gets dizzy just at the thought of washing machines.  So PLEASE never let Mikey the Lavender Bearbe submerged in water or be put in a washing machine, it will damage his wheat grain and stuff his lavender.
Mikey the Lavender Bear has naturally occurring moisture in his tummy so if he is living with you in a humid or moist climate he needs to be heated every few weeks to prevent any nasty mustiness or mold.
Can I travel with Mikey the Lavender Bear?
Mikey the Lavender Bear is safe to travel with anywhere in Australia by train, plane or automobile, or even by post, and he is definitely a great, easy going travelling companion.  BUT, some countries of the world have a bit to say about lavender and wheat filled bears, because natural grains may contravene their quarantine regulations.  So, to play it safe and avoid the risk of having to abandon your little mate at a Customs Dept somewhere, please check with your destination country for further information.